Unistrut Commercial Specifications

The technical specification for UNISTRUT COMMERCIAL products shall include all pertinent elements of the Guide Specification as provided on page 19 of the Unistrut #17 catalog including:

Part 1 General

01.01 Scope of Work

01.02 Quality Assurance

01.03 Submittals

01.04 Product Delivery, Storage and Handling

01.05 Guarantee

Part 2 Products

2.01 Acceptable Manufacturers

2.02 Materials

2.03 Finishes, A2 Electro-galvanized (EG) and A4 Hot-Dip Galvanized (HG)

In addition to the aforementioned Product requirements the following product specifications are included for UNISTRUT COMMERCIAL metal framing fittings and components:

2.04 Design

2.04.1 Gage: The metal framing fittings shall be light weight and high strength. The standard connection fitting gage shall be 5mm (.197 nominal) gage.

2.04.2 Standard fitting connections: Metal Framing fittings shall be provided with fastener connection holes no larger than 7/16" nominal dia. to accommodate 3/8" diameter fasteners.

2.04.3 Other Connections: Where 1/2" connections are required for trapeze drops or other similar installations, reduced gage nuts shall be employed, however nut performance in slip resistance and pull-out strength shall be equivalent to the MFMA standard requirement (latest edition) for the bolt thread size required.

2.04.4 Ergonomics: Box quantities for metal framing fittings shall weigh no more than 30 lbs maximum.

2.05 Products: Manufacture, Testing and Certification

2.05.1 The metal framing system shall be constructed from press and roll-formed products produced by a single manufacturer. Products produced through other processes by third party partners (castings, fasteners, etc) shall be tested and certified by the metal framing fittings manufacturer.

2.05.2 All channel nuts shall be case hardened employing a heat treat and oil quench process to ensure consistent slip resistance.

2.05.3 All metal framing fittings shall be load rated by specific part numbers. The test set-up shall be with force applied vertical-down, beam load testing with fittings used in pairs. Test results including test set-up pictorials for fittings shall be available for submittal and review at the discretion of the owner. Allowable design loads shall be established based upon minimum safety factors applied to ultimate failure loads:
Standard bolted connection fittings 2.5 S.F.
Pipe Clamps 5 S.F.
Beam Clamps 5 S.F.
Channel Nuts 3 S.F.

Certified test results shall be available and provided if requested by the Customer.

2.06 Packaging

2.06.1 All products including welded channel brackets shall be shipped to Customers in boxes, clearly labeled with part numbers, manufacturer's information, country of origin and quantity per box.

2.06.2 Box quantities shall be reduced from the standard packaging arrangements of full gage (1/4") standard metal framing fittings to accommodate tradesmen working at heights.

Part 3 Execution

3.01 Examination

3.02 Installation

3.03 Cleanup

3.04 Protection