Unistrut General Reference Library

PDF File (Description)
ASTM A1011 vs A570 (ASTM A570 (Discontinued 2000) and replaced by A1011)
Beam Load Tables (How to properly use the beam load tables)
CAGE Code Number (96195)
Channel - Aluminum (Aluminum Channel Product Offering)
Channel - Stainless (Stainless Steel Channel Product Offering)

Channel Nut - 7/8-9 Load (Statement of 7/8"-9 Channel Nut Load Values)
Channel Nut - Metric Thread (Listing of Channel Nuts with Metric Thread)
Channel Nut Torque (Design Torque for Channel Nuts)
Clamp Hardware - EMT (Hardware Listing for EMT Clamps)
Clamp Hardware - Pipe & GRC (Hardware Listing for Pipe & GRC Clamps)

Clamp Height - OD Tubing (Top of Clamp Height Above Unistrut Channel for OD Tubing Clamps)
Clamp Height - Pipe & Rigid Conduit (Top of Clamp Height Above Unistrut Channel for OD Tubing Clamps)
CSI MasterSpec - 05430 (Outline of 05430 Specification for Metal Framing)
Curved Channel (Guideline for Specifying Curved Channel)
Fiberglass Unistrut (Overview of Materials, Properties, Temperature, Etc.)

Galvanic Corrosion (Galvanic Series Chart)
LEED Version 4 (2016) (Recycled Content of Steel Products)
MFMA (Statement of Compliance to MFMA-4)
MSDS (MSDS Reporting Requirements for Channel and Fittings)
MSDS (MSDS Reporting for Steel Products)

MSS SP-58 & SP-69 (Statement of Compliance to MSS)
Painting Galvanized Finish (Recommended Proceedure for Painting over Galvanzied Finish)
Painting Perma-Green Finish (Recommended Proceedure for Painting over Perma-Green Finish)
Perma-Green & Galvanic Corrosion (Statement of Perma-Green resistance to Galvanic Corrosion)
Prime Angle (Brochure with Load Tables)

Rod Attachments to Sloped or Rotated Unistrut Channel (Details of Attaching Threaded Rod to Sloped or Rotated Unistrut Channel)
Rod Attachments to Unistrut (Drawings of Fixed and Adjustable Threaded Rod Attachments to Unistrut Channel)
Set Screw Torque (Recommended Torque for Set Screws)
Stainless Steel Products (Material Specifications)
Strength Increase (Strength Increase due to Cold-Forming)

Unipier (Drawing)
Unistrut Solar Installation Manual (Mounting and grounding instructions for Solar panels.)
Welded Channel Part Number (Part Number Markings Inside Welded Unistrut Channel)
White Rust (Explanation of White Rust and Suggested Remedial Actions)