Three-sided Unistrut channel and four-sided Telestrut® tubing, working together in one powerful support system.

A whole new generation of support, Telestrut Telescoping Strut adapts to change like no other metal framing system. It's the only telescoping system that offers both infinite and incremental adjustability. Five connection methods include a boltless universal rivet that can cut assembly time in half.

By joining infinitely-adjustable three-sided channel with incrementally adjustable, pre-punched four-sided tubing, the Telestrut system can be telescoped, spliced, adjusted and re-used faster and easier than anything in its class. So you can design, build and change support structures faster... and better... than you ever thought possible.

Efficient assembly with no welding, drilling or other time-consuming fabrication, plus five different fastening options... including a rivet system for super-fast boltless fastening... gives you maximum project power. Other fasteners include the Unistrut spring nut and bolt, standard through-bolts and for temporary connections, a removable, self-locking gravity pin.

Infinite and Incremental Adjustment

P9000 tube into P9200 tube

Incremental Adjustment

P1000H3 channel into P9200 tube

Multi-Grip Rivet